Friday, 14 May 2010

Introducing | She Makes War

by Steph P, 13 May 2010...

Right now the charts are so full to the brim with many talented, cute and kooky, “ooh I’m wearing a teapot on my head, aren’t I special”, female singer-songwriters that you may question whether we really need another. Well we do, especially if they make songs like the brilliant one woman project She Makes War.

She Makes War is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist and session musician Laura Kidd whose special brand of gloom punk-pop is as infectious as it is beautiful. After spending the last couple of years touring the world with other bands, Kidd decided to focus on her own music and last December, armed with an array of instruments and a hell of a lot of demos (41 to be exact), she recorded her debut album.

Her first single ‘Let This Be’ combines Kidd’s varied influences to create a grunge pop lament to a melancholy lover. The most obvious comparison for Kidd would be Laura Mary Carter, the softly spoken riff queen from Blood Red Shoes. Lyrically Kidd draws inspiration from those sour times we’ve all had in relationships turning them into heartbreakingly honest poetry we all wish we could write when our boyfriend/ girlfriend pisses us off. We could wave it in their face and say “see this is why I cried for 20 minutes on the night bus home the other day”.

Rather than follow the pack and sign to a major label, Kidd has opted to remain unsigned, thus retaining her independence. As she dances her way through the video for ‘Let This Be’, clad in sequins, face paint and a blue tutu, we can rest assured that she is her own person, doing her own thing. But we do want to know where she got that tutu from.

She Makes War’s album is due out in September. The single ‘Let This Be’ is out now.

Check out MySpace and her website for more info.

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